Why should you, driver, buy Monroe Quick-Strut ?


The all-in-one Suspension system replacement


With Monroe© Quick-Strut you save time because your complete suspension is replaced up to 3 times faster!


Monroe© Quick-Strut is up to 25% cheaper than buying each part separately!
Because you don’t need to come back to the garage a few months later you will not need to pay the labour twice!


Because safety and comfort are crucial, changing all the parts ensures they fit together perfectly. Having been designed specifically for your car, ensures the best
Driving with 50% worn out shock absorbers, increases stopping distances by 2,6 metres: enough to cause an accident!
A worn out shock absorber increases tyre wear by more than 7%, therefore reducing the road surface contact and increasing the risk of an accident.
Plus if you only change the shock or spring leaving the other worn out parts:
Vehicle loses recommended height affecting road

handling and ground clearance.

  • • Less tyre-to-road contact and grip.
  • • Increase in braking distance.
  • • Increased risk of fatigue due to vertical movements (especially at night).
  • • Increased risk of causing an accident due to the dazzle effect at night.
  • • Less comfortable ride for vehicle occupants (more vertical movements).


Grow your business with Monroe® Quick-Strut and increase customer satisfaction!Safety and comfort are crucial to your customer, so remind them that by changingensures every part a perfect fit.

Why should you, installer, sell Monroe Quick-Strut?


  • Because you can remove & replace the strut assembly without having to take it apart (all-in-one Product)
  • Monroe Quick-Strut is up to 3x faster vs. Traditional method of Strut replacement


  • Because you don’t need to compress the coil springs


  • Because you have the guarantee to perform a quality job
  • Because you don’t need specialized tools (not for mounting, not for positioning)?
  • Because you don’t need any technical assistance
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