Monroe, an innovative company

  • Tenneco's Monroe® brand has been one of the most recognized premier ride control brands for more than 90 years. Our shock absorbers and other products provide vehicle safety and comfort and have consistently led the industry in innovative product development
  • We've developed models specifically designed and tested for all major automobile manufacturers from passenger cars through light commercial trucks and vans, heavy duty vehicles to high performance off-road vehicles
  • One of our newest products, the Monroe Quick-Strut® assembly provides installers with a ready-to-install replacement strut. Besides saving time, the Quick-Strut® features vehicle manufacturers' specifications for each model's ride and handling profile.

What is Monroe® Quick-Strut?

One of our newest products, the Monroe® Quick-Strut assembly provides installerswith a ready-to-installreplacement strut.

Besides saving time, the Quick-Strut features vehicle manufacturers’ specifications for each model’s ride and handling profile. Monroe® Quick-Strut units are fully assembled and include ALL the components required for strut replacement.